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Five Tips to Get (and Remain!) Motivated

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Staying motivated isn’t magic. There isn’t a “motivation pill” you can take every morning that initiates your motivation. So what do you do when you’re feeling stuck?

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There are days when we run into roadblocks or setbacks. Whether you’re going through a horrible day, feeling frazzled at work, or merely don’t know where to begin, it’s important to establish your “why.”

Your why is the objective behind what you’re working toward. Fully identifying your why will help you remain energized during those challenging days and continue to move toward your own goals.

Today, take a few moments to ponder your why–your objective–for why you’re working toward something.

Once you establish your why, write it down on a scrap of paper and stick it somewhere you’ll see it daily, like your nightstand or bathroom mirror. When you’re feeling lost or unenthusiastic, ponder your why and let that drive you to continue achieving your goals.

What’s your goal? Drop weight? Increase fitness? Change your eating habits?

Establishing goals is an important part of the healthy way of living we teach at Farrell’s Urbandale. Experience it for yourself during a free week with us.

How to Stay Motivated After Finalizing Goals

Now that you’ve established your why, here are some fantastic tips to help you keep working to achieve your goals!

Make it Part of Your Regimen

This seems simple, but establishing new practices can be hard. It takes three weeks to make a habit. Whatever your goal, make time to work on it once a day.

If you want to get your workout done in the morning, schedule it on your calendar. If you want to meal plan every Sunday, add it in your planner. With three weeks of sticking to it, it will become a part of your everyday routine.

Keep it Straightforward

Break your goals into smaller, more manageable assignments. For example, if you want to complete a marathon, you begin training by running one mile a day–not 26!

Follow this same technique every time to establish a new goal. Reduce it into easier assignments that will lead you to the final goal.

Make it Exciting

There’s no reason you can’t like the process! Having an enjoyable time is not your foe–actually, it can be a good driving force. Make time to to acknowledge your work.

With all new obligations, you will learn and grow during the journey. And if your tasks are extremely hard, reward yourself once you’ve accomplished them!

Think About the Finish Line

Develop a mental picture of yourself completing your goals: What does it look like? How do you feel in that moment?

Visualization is a strong aid that can help keep you on track and inspired while working toward your end result. It’s an especially helpful method when your assignments are difficult.

Remain Consistent

Take consistent action daily–even if you don’t want to. Some days you may take huge action, while other days you might take less action. That’s OK! The essential part is to keep consistent.

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